Guru Ibarat Lilin Yang Menerangi

Monday, August 2, 2010


on 13th july 2009, we set our first step to this beautiful campus,
we, at first were getting blurr!!
we turn to a university education system..
no more uniform dress, no more school shoes, no more heavy bag. Yeahh!!!!
behave urself...!! opss...sorry....
we love the islamic otmosphere here
we have a huge mosque..
when we heard adzan..allahu akbar2x
friends..lets go for a pray
let's go!!


we came from different state of Malaysia
kedah..hang nak p mana ni?
perak..ate..kamoO ni..
n.9..apo ko no e jang?
kelantan..gege eh!
terengganu..makang ikang ahh...
pahang..moh ke Pahang!!
melaka..sabau eh..
johor..gebo beso!
selangor..shhhh!! no m ore dialect here!
in class..we got to do all things together..
what's gonna work?? TEAMWORK!! 2x


the lectures here are very kind..
we are being take cared by our NAQIB and NAQIBAH..
they are our humorous USTAZ FAUZI and our caring PN. MUTIA
do you know EN. MAT ZIN??who??
he is our warden here....owhh~~
his popular trademark is " nanti saya rantai motor kamu"
his strictness make us respect him!


every semester, we could not escape fom this 3 alphabets....KKP..
we call it what??.......KKP!!
be patient buddies..
we got to do it excelently to achieve... A BETTER RESULT!!!!! 4flat3x
life in campus is soooooo.....GREAT!!MARVELOUS!!WONDERFUL....!!!!
we promise that..we will be a master in HUMAN ENGINEER SOME DAY.....!!!!INSYAALLAH


pixas mase wat latihan..

masa:: pagi dan malam
tempat::BK 5.17
hari:: isnin (2 ogos 2010)

our conductor

P/S::::GOoD lUck guYS!!!!!

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